Lets us know his opinion on

Welcome to another week of  the Rat Pack and on todays show we come in right off the bat and talk about #NFL and free agency which opened up Wed at 4pm est.

Chesta joins the show and talks about things that he has going on and also talks about Free Agency himself and who he thinks will make the biggest impact. We also have Rat Pack Sports Show NFL/Fantasy Football GURU Sean Naylor to talk about the 1st day of free agency also and we talk about the QB situation in Denver. Is John Elway doing the right thing with the QB position?



Welcome to another week of the Rat Pack. On this weeks episode we cover a few different things.

1st Segment we cover we talk about the most butchered national anthems ever with Fergie NBA All Star performance joining another celebrity.

2nd segment we talk some NHL Hocky with our Guy Tommy The Family from FM 102.1 Gov. Park Downtown Denver, Co joining us on the show.

Next up will be out w of our two guest for the night. Rat Pack Sports Show NBA Insider Nicholas Lane Calls into the show to talk about what he thought about Fergie Performance and also The NBA All Star game and also some of the stories going into the 2nd half of the NBA season.

3rd Segmant we talk with Rat Pack Sports Show NFL/Fantasy football GURU himself Boss hog Sean NaylorHe coming in and talking NFL and also Left field Correspondant calls in as well


Enjoy the show


Welcome to another week of the Show where we do what we do. We always have fun and make sure everyone listening is doing thier part as well. On this podcast we get a familiar face on with us this week. Chesta Is in the buliding for the first time in 2017 and he give us his intake on some topics in sports that we have been discussing over the last few weeks and his thoughts so far on the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl match up between the Pats and Eagles


We also talk a lot about the NBA with Nicholas Lane Rat Pack Sports Show NBA Insider and he talk about some of the stories and news around the NBA.

We also have our weekly caller Lou from Jersey who called in and wated to talk about the Championship rounds.

I give my opinion on the games from the Conference Title games and why the two teams won that did and also addressed the conspiracy people who says the NFL is cheating for New England


Welcome to another weekly episode of the show and this week we welcome back on old friend CHESTA. Chimes in for the first hr of the show. We find out what he's been up to and talk about the NFL Playoffs.

We also discuss more with Nicholas Lane. Rat Pack Sports Show NBA insider. He's going to be talking about some of the news around the NBA as well as talk about the Clippers and Rockets postgame confontation


last we talk to Out NFL/Fantasy Football Guru himself Sean Naylor about the Conference championship games and also should patriots fans really be nervous with the Jaguars defense coming into town.


We are back for 2017 aand back in full force. I hope everyone enjoys the show and this podcast we have a vert good show for you guys

1st seg I talk about the #UFC with a caller and talk about the Holm vs Cyborg match and we also get into the womens division as a whole and whats going on with Ronda Rousey

2nd seg. We talk about the college football playoff and how much of a slap in the face it it to those fans who want to see a true champion. What do the NCAA need to do to make sure that we dont have this issue in the future. And We call them out

3rd seg I get on the phone with Rat Pack Sports Show NBA Insider Nicholas Lane whos steppping tonight pulling the Micheal Jordan and doing his segment unde rthe weather.

4th segment . We jump to the NFL and talk the playoffs. What has happend in the wild card game and give our preview of the coming games as well. We also talk Raiders, Chucky Doll and the My Buddy doll as well


This is our weekly NFL segment with Sean Naylor as we talk the week there was in the NFL and also talking Fantasy Football getting everyone ready for thier championship week. If you are still in it. We also talk about some other topic in the NFl as well


This is out NBA segment fromt his past weeks show as we talk about the week there was in the NBA, Kobe Bryant and Out top 5 players of all time


This is out full show from this past week. Have some great talk on  the NFL with Sean Naylor. We also have a great segment covering NBA with Nicholas Lane and Carlton Cook on our debate of the Top 5 NBA players of All Time. Also talk about the dual retirment of jerseys from Kobe Bryant.

Also we talk about many other things in the sports world as well. Hope you al enjoy the show and have a Merry Christmas!


This show we start oput talking about the craziness that is the College Fotball Playoff system. Is it a good system or is it broken and what teams got screwed over in the process?

We get a call from two of our long time listeners to talk about it

Rat Pack NBA Insider Nicholas Lane calls in to talk about the state of the NBA and some of the stories that are going on right now.

Sean Naylor Rat Pack NFL/Fantasy Football Guru calls in to talk some NFL and also get you guys ready for you FF Playoffs. Take notes folks!

Enjoy the show!


Thank You for tuning in for another week of Sports talk and fun. As always we bring you a quality show with tons of fun and laughs. The show segments are broken down like this

1st seg. I come in the show with some thoughts on the NFL Thursday Thanksgiving Day games and my thoughts on them. Who has a chance at the playoffs and who need the win the most.

2nd Segment. I get into Thanksgiving and talk about the best meals to eat on thanksgiving. I think after you guys hear this your going to want more food lol

3rd Segment. We get into the Tampa Bay Lightning and the great job the the managment has done with building a winner. See how they stack up against the rest of our owners in the  Tampa Bay Area. And then we also get into the College Football Playoff. Give my thoughts on the Rankings and how Wisconsin is getting screwed.

4th Segment We get into the NBA and talk about some the news and rumors going on arounf the NFL

Last segment we talk NFL and fantasy Football with Boss Hog Sean Naylor. Gets you ready for week 12


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