This show we start things off by talking a little bit about the NBA finals and how poeple are already talking about Kevin Durant beong the NBA best player since he finally won his champioship. Well, I have a little bit of a problem with that.

Our 1st guest for the show is Gabriel Bauman - @Ohsceola He's going to come on and talk about the state of the Tampa Bay Rays and also some MLB talk as well.

2nd guest is Nicholas Lane - @nlaneholdemaa He's going to come on the show and talk about the NBA Draft anf all of the rumore and stories that seem to be flowing around this years draft. He's going to give his opinion on it as well. Who's his top prospects?

3rd guest Sean Naylor - @NFLINSC Is on to talk some good old NFL talk. With training camp coming up, what's up with all of the weight clauses in theses new contracts and also We have our first taste test for Micheal Floyd. Kumbucha Tea, Debo and Sean Naylor lets you know what it taste like 


this week on the show we talked a lot about the #NBAFInals and also got into some #NFL as well. Chesta put his spin on what he thinks about the NBA and todays players. 

Gabriel Bauman came on with us first to talk #MLB and #TampaBayRays Baseball. 


Caller William Graves joined up to ask us some questions as well, Nicholas Lane guest on the show came on to talk #NBA as well and his thoughts on the Lebron and Jordan debate

Sean Naylor Rat pack sports Show NFL/Fantasy Football Guru came in with us to explian some of the juicy news in the NFL this past week.


as always we are live every week on Rat Pack Radio WRPR, WBLZ Sports and also FM 102.1 Govenors Park, Downtown Denver, CO


Here's to another week of sports talk and fun. Guest on the show for this week is Nicholas Lane who come on in the last half of the show and me, Him and Chesta get into a really good convo about the NBA finals and the Micheal Jordan and Lebron James comparisons. Great Convo but until then I talk about some of the things going on in sports today including my thought on the Kinf James and MJ comparisons and also what is going on with ESPN getting rid of one of their best NFL personalities in John Clayton. He's one of the few on there that has some credibility. 


If you love the Rat Pack Sports Show and you also grew up watching cartoons in the 80's your going to love this Segment. I Care.... 


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Welcome to another episode with the Rat Pack. This is our show from this past wed night..

Guest on the show 

Gabriel Bauman w/MLB and Tampa Bay Rays talk

Nicholas Lane covering the NBA playoffs and the Conference finals so far

Sean Naylor discussing the NFL and the stories going on around the leauge. 

Enjoy our show and follow us on Twitter @ratpacksports


This show we get into a lot of talk. I Start the show off with a little rant and opinion about Colin Kapernick and his knees also. I take to facebook for this show talking about multiple topics that we discussed during the week on the show

also get in with Gabreial Bauman for some good ole fashioned MLB and Tampa Bay Rays Talk..

Also had Rat Pack Sports Show NBA Insider Nicholas Lane in to talk about the 2nd rd of the NBA Playoffs

Then Boss Hog Himself Mr. Sean Naylor calls in to talk some NFL Football and other tops as well


This is our NLF segment with Sean Nylor on with us his take on some to the news and things thats going on around the NFL.


This is our MLB segment with Gabriel Bauman where we will talk some basic baseball skills and the reasons why some wont be playing in the game because you didn't put in work.. lol



This is out NBA segment where we talk about the NBA Playoffs so far and who seems to be the team to beat. What series is the most exciting


This is our segment twith Chesta where we talked about a lot of different things including Fishing and Manatees..

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