Tune in for another week as we bring you th ebest in sports talk week after week and this episode is no  different than the other. First segment i started things off talking a little bit about the NFL Mini Camp.. Men in tights is what i like to call it..


Then i go into the story of Sean Taylor's death. caught it on the ID Channel want to give my thoughts on it..

also gave a huge congrats to Tampa Bay Lightning Defenseman. Victor Headman for winning the Norris Trophy!

Nicholas lane comes in with his usual NBA segment to have some NBA Pre Draft talk and give his opinion on how the draft should shape out in the first 1- picks

Sean Naylor Rat Pack Sports Show NFL/FF Guru talk about some of the news going arounf the NFL and also some predictions and oh yeah more Kurt Cousins talk!


 Another week another show and another rant. This is i have something to say to the NFL and President Trump. Directly out of the gate i have something to say so i hope everyone enjoys it and appreciates my anger. lol

Nicholas Lane Rat Pack NBA Insider joins us again for his weekly segment talking NBA Finals and NBA draft and some offseason moves that he expects to happen.

Boss Hog Sean Naylor join us for another week in the NFL to talk NFL MINI Camp and other stories around the nfl. He also touches on some NBA as well. You do not want to miss this


We are back for another week of the Rat Pack Sports Show and we start the show off with a bang.

1st segmnent I talk about a few things. The #NBA playoffs and how the Rockets gave the game away. The poor execution of the offense. Goin 0-27 from behind the arch. Just goes the tell you todays PLAYER LACKS THE PROPER FUNDAMENTALS


2nd segment I start to talk about the draftWe have Rat Pack very own Nicholas Lane NBA insider and hes going to let us know what is happening in the world of basketball.

3rd segment we let Boss Hog call in and goes in on The NBA for his NFL segment. You know this is good when a NFL guy calls in and wants to talk NBA!  



















































































































































This episode of the show we get into a lot of NFL talk. Pre draft talk and all the rumors that are going around with that should happen with the #1 pick. Will the Browns mess it up again?

We also talk some NBA playoffs and some of the really good series that has been going on so far.

Nicholas Lane Rat Pack Sports NBA Insider joins us to go into depth with us and give us his opinions on the first round of the NBA playoffs


Rat pack Sports NFL/FantasyFootball Guru Sean Naylor join us and we go into massive depth on the NFL Draft and talk about more moves being made, Where will Dez Bryant end up and also What could the Pats be planning on doing with all thier picks they have. Will they move up and stay where they are at? Could they be looking at one of the Qbs?


Listen to the podcast replay of this past weeks show. We talk alot of Tampa Bay Bucs. What will they do in the 2018 NFL draft and also talk about some of the main player in the draft and where do they end up and maybe how some of the teams will decide to attack the draft. Do the Browns take a QB No. 1 Overall?

Nicholas Lane Rat Pack SPorts Show NBA Insider comes on to talk about the final week of the NBA season And Nicholas gives his opinion on the 76ers. Do they have what it takes to make it deep into the playoffs

Sean Naylor came on and we talked NFL Draft. Looking at different possitions and who's team has what it takes to move up or down in the NFL draft..


This show we get into alot of different topics in the sports world.

We start out talking about the NFL and why do they always take two steps foward and three staps back every off season. We get into talk about the new rules changes the NFL did again.

We also talk to Nicholas Lane and he talks about the NBA and the stories leading to the Playoffs and who's playing hot backetball and whos kind of cooling off.

Sean Naylor comes in and talk about the NFL more, We get his opinion of the new rule changes and also talk a little bit on the NFL draft.


I hope you all enjoy the show and be sure to tune in Next week!


Lets us know his opinion on

Welcome to another week of  the Rat Pack and on todays show we come in right off the bat and talk about #NFL and free agency which opened up Wed at 4pm est.

Chesta joins the show and talks about things that he has going on and also talks about Free Agency himself and who he thinks will make the biggest impact. We also have Rat Pack Sports Show NFL/Fantasy Football GURU Sean Naylor to talk about the 1st day of free agency also and we talk about the QB situation in Denver. Is John Elway doing the right thing with the QB position?



Welcome to another week of the Rat Pack. On this weeks episode we cover a few different things.

1st Segment we cover we talk about the most butchered national anthems ever with Fergie NBA All Star performance joining another celebrity.

2nd segment we talk some NHL Hocky with our Guy Tommy The Family from FM 102.1 Gov. Park Downtown Denver, Co joining us on the show.

Next up will be out w of our two guest for the night. Rat Pack Sports Show NBA Insider Nicholas Lane Calls into the show to talk about what he thought about Fergie Performance and also The NBA All Star game and also some of the stories going into the 2nd half of the NBA season.

3rd Segmant we talk with Rat Pack Sports Show NFL/Fantasy football GURU himself Boss hog Sean NaylorHe coming in and talking NFL and also Left field Correspondant calls in as well


Enjoy the show


Welcome to another week of the Show where we do what we do. We always have fun and make sure everyone listening is doing thier part as well. On this podcast we get a familiar face on with us this week. Chesta Is in the buliding for the first time in 2017 and he give us his intake on some topics in sports that we have been discussing over the last few weeks and his thoughts so far on the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl match up between the Pats and Eagles


We also talk a lot about the NBA with Nicholas Lane Rat Pack Sports Show NBA Insider and he talk about some of the stories and news around the NBA.

We also have our weekly caller Lou from Jersey who called in and wated to talk about the Championship rounds.

I give my opinion on the games from the Conference Title games and why the two teams won that did and also addressed the conspiracy people who says the NFL is cheating for New England


Welcome to another weekly episode of the show and this week we welcome back on old friend CHESTA. Chimes in for the first hr of the show. We find out what he's been up to and talk about the NFL Playoffs.

We also discuss more with Nicholas Lane. Rat Pack Sports Show NBA insider. He's going to be talking about some of the news around the NBA as well as talk about the Clippers and Rockets postgame confontation


last we talk to Out NFL/Fantasy Football Guru himself Sean Naylor about the Conference championship games and also should patriots fans really be nervous with the Jaguars defense coming into town.

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